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East Coast Groove Academy

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September 22, 2017

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The 'Amen' Drum Break | GROOVE TRANSCRIPTION |

April 30, 2017



The ‘Amen’ drum break is arguably the most sampled drum loop of all time. The break is originally played in the song ‘Amen Brother’ by The Winstons from the 1960’s. The drummer on this track is Gregory ‘G.C’ Coleman and little did he know of the effect this small drum solo would have on the future genres of music. 


When people think of sampling grooves like this and others like the Funky Drummer sample, they generally think of hip hop. The ‘Amen’ break transcends this and is a pinnacle groove for a variety of genres including breakbeat, drum and bass, techno and jungle.


When learning this groove pay particular attention to the consistency of the ride hand. The transcription above is written on the hi hats (my bad!), though the groove is traditionally played on a ride cymbal.


Take your time developing consistency with this groove. When you get comfortable with the break, experiment with the different sounds available on the drum kit. I have also found that practicing this groove to a metronome on the ‘up-beat’ is a fun challenge and helps with developing the pulse.





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